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2011-08-26 14:41:23 by EZListener

Check it out!

Alma Mater (The Mouse Mass)

2011-08-19 12:56:52 by EZListener

The artists at Gorilla Broadcast have been incredibly busy with their personal lives the past few weeks. Airplane Radio is preparing for a big move to Switzerland. He's currently on his "farewell tour", saying goodbye to family members and dear friends all throughout the US, leaving me behind without any direction, thus temporarily halting progress on the Sixth Reich of Mickey Mouse. Not all is lost, though. For the 10 or 12 of you who care about our project, we are about 90% done with The Hall of Re-Education. We're expecting a bit of voice acting from Newgrounds' own Ramthundar to be added soon. After we add that, do some polishing, and lay down a few more finishing touches we'll be finished. The quickest track completion so far.

Ramthundar has been a great help to us recently, allowing us to exploit his talents free of charge. We've recently updated Murky Steamboats to the Camp with a Full Metal Jacket style army chant he recorded

The next piece of music you should be expecting is entitled "Alma Mater". It's the final step in the 6th Reich story. A barbaric, tribal death ritual. We plan on using an extremely slowed down version of Voodoo Summoning by GWAR, a distorted guitar part tuned half-a-step down, banging on pots and pans, and a lot of other great stuff. We're going to make sure we close the whole project out in a great way.

- Patrick